ONLINE COURSE: Futures markets and commodity risk management

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In the online course Commodity Futures Professor Pennings explains how you can use futures to better negotiate prices and to hedge (part) of your risks while capitalizing on price relationships between local and futures prices. Pennings will start with an introduction on hedging and subsequently shows how you can optimize your risk management strategy such that you have the best possible risk-return balance.

After the course you will be familiar with the functioning and possibilities of futures markets, in particularly how you can use them — and the information embedded in futures prices –to better negotiate prices and how to hedge effectively on futures markets.

The Commodity Risk Management Academy offers three levels. You can follow the courses separately, but also go through the entire program. For more information, click on the different training courses.

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De docent(en) bij deze training:

Joost Pennings
Prof. dr ir J.M.E. (Joost) Pennings is een autoriteit op het gebied van risicomanagement en het gebruik van instrumenten voor risicomanagement met bijzondere aandacht voor grondstoffen en energiedragers. Een van zijn drijfveren is om inzicht te geven in het functioneren van goederentermijnmarkten. Joost Pennings is de AST professor in de Theorie en Praktijk van Goederentermijnmarkten aan de Wageningen Universiteit, professor marktkunde en besliskunde aan de Universiteit van Illinois in de Verenigde Staten in de Office for Futures& Options Research, professor in behavioral finance aan de Universiteit van Maastricht en professor Marktkunde aan de Universiteit van Maastricht. Prof. dr ir J.M.E. (Joost) Pennings is an authority in the field of risk management and the use of instruments for risk management with a particular emphasis on commodities and energy. Joost M.E. Pennings is the AST professor of Theory and Practice of Commodity Futures Markets at Wageningen University, Professor of marketing and decision sciences at the University of Illinois in the United States in the Office for Futures & Options Research, professor of Finance at the University of Maastricht and professor of Commodity Marketing at the University of Maastricht.